Science says money can make you happier.

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When you are poor, not having money is your biggest problem. It makes even the pursuit of happiness appear out of reach. You think if only you had enough money to pay your bills and work towards a better life, you would be happy. At least that’s what I thought during my own years of struggle.

But as I later discovered, climbing out of poverty doesn’t bring you lasting happiness. In fact, not having to worry about paying your bills only makes the absence of happiness more obvious. …

Use these 5 laws of marketing to develop your brand

A lady with a handheld loudspeaker against a yellow background
A lady with a handheld loudspeaker against a yellow background
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Bloggers publish over 7 million blog posts, and YouTubers upload close to 1 million hours of video every day.

It has never been easier to become a creator. The cost of publishing is almost zero, and there are no gatekeepers. Plus, if you can manage to separate yourself from the crowd and make yourself visible, the rewards are greater than ever before.

But that’s where it gets tricky. Because it’s so easy and lucrative to be a creator today, it is incredibly hard to become a remarkable one. There is too much competition.

That doesn’t mean it is too late…

And it will make you rethink your idea of “passion”

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“Make sure that you are focused on something you are passionate about.”

These words summarize Jeff Bezos’s answer to a girl asking what advice he would give “to an internet startup company now”. He added it was the same advice he would give to any kind of entrepreneur.

This was after a talk he gave at a summit in 2001 in which he shared a few stories from the early stages of Amazon. His stories had valuable lessons for every entrepreneur and offered crucial insights into different aspects of entrepreneurship like coming up with ideas, making important decisions, and dealing…

Or even if you only want financial security

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Many bad things can be said about the pandemic and the financial crisis we are going through. But there is still some good we extract from it.

It has exposed how financially vulnerable most of us are, even those who thought they had the security of their monthly paychecks. It has forced people to rethink everything they know about how money works and how they can (and should) earn, manage, and grow their money. And it has shown us how unpredictable and challenging the future can be.

So if you — especially if you are in your 20’s or 30’s…

The short answer is — no

A woman showing discomfort from digital eye strain
A woman showing discomfort from digital eye strain
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A little over a year ago, a friend of mine needed prescription glasses and so we went shopping.

Now shopping for glasses isn’t the easiest thing to do. It can be tough to find a frame that is comfortable, looks good on your face, and fits you as well. We knew that and so we were prepared for a challenge of sorts.

As it turned out, it wasn’t enough. Finding a nice frame turned out to be the simpler part. Things got complex and scary when we started discussing lenses with the sales folk.

I am sure you have come…

If you want to transform your life, start here

A man paragliding over a sea at sunset
A man paragliding over a sea at sunset
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The world we live in is very different from the one that existed only a few decades ago. It has its own set of challenges and opportunities. The playbooks from the past don’t seem to work anymore.

No wonder so many people find themselves stuck with lives that are not working for them at all. And hence, the thriving self-help industry.

But how often do you see people turn around their lives? I’d say not nearly as often as we would love to.

Why? Because turnarounds are hard. It takes some doing to overcome the inertia and put your life…

It’s great to believe you are “special” until it isn’t

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Growing up, I was used to people telling me how gifted and special I was. For the usual and obvious reason — I was good at academics. It felt great, and without me realizing it, the belief that I was extraordinary became a part of my identity.

It was not until I had turned 28 (and my life, upside down, in less than a year) that I started to see the harm that label had done to me and the kind of threat it posed to my future. …

Write your own amazing story that inspires others

Photo — SpaceX/Unsplash

“Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.” — Mary Ash Kay

Most of us go through our lives with these imaginary but well-defined spheres of possibilities around us. They tell us things like what we can do, how much money we can make, who we can date, etc.

Anything beyond these spheres, and we say immediately, almost as a reflex — “Oh! But I can’t do that. That’s impossible.”

If that sounds like you, let me share with you a secret.

If you want to bring about…

When Elon Musk failed to get a job at Netscape

A woman looking at the sky with her arms up
A woman looking at the sky with her arms up
Photo — freepik/freepik

If you want to be successful in life, few things matter as much as your ability to deal with rejections the right way.

Whether it’s applying for a job, asking for a raise, pitching your startup idea, proposing to your love, or something else, on countless different occasions in your life, you will find yourself staring at the possibility of being rejected. What you choose to do in such situations will greatly impact how far you go in life.

Unfortunately, for most people, the thought of being turned down is paralyzing. And it’s understandable.

The way most of us view…

They flatter you tirelessly

A woman whispering in to the ear of another
A woman whispering in to the ear of another
Image — balasoiu/freepik

There are certain kinds of people we hate to have around us. Most notably, the kind prone to abusive and violent outbursts. However, not everyone bad for us gives out such loud and obvious signals.

In fact, certain traits make people likable to us when it’s in our best interests to stay away from them. Besides, sometimes even well-meaning friends can cause us much harm through unintended consequences of their actions.

The thing is, when we are with our friends, we feel comfortable enough to shed our inhibitions and let our guards down. And why not? …

Haris Mohammad

Coach, Trader & Engineer. I write about personal growth, money, and business.

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